On Monday, April 25 we started a Safety Week. Its primary purpose is to promote safety and raise awareness of safety in your daily work.

This year's slogan of Safety Week is: "Turn on thinking - plan and react." This message is extremely important. As it underlines that each of us working on the construction site - regardless of position, place of work, subordination - is, and should be responsible for safety. We all need to realize that the health and life of a colleague may depend on my response, and my safety may depend on colleague's reaction. Statistics show that routine often, lack of imagination, lack of knowledge of basic safety procedures leads to disaster. That is why good planning of activities on construction site and skilful conduct of works as well as competent and responsible supervision are so important. 

We would like to remind that since last year our company belongs to the Agreement for Safety in the Construction Industry. It is an association of the 10 largest general contractors in Poland. The common goal is: Zero accidents on construction sites.

More about the Agreement on www.porozumieniedlabezpieczenstwa.pl