ZUS (The Polish Social Insurance Institution) will fund the obligatory OSH periodic trainings for3 200 employees from the construction sector. The project will be realized in the period from September to November 2016 and will cover the entire territory of Poland.

The addressees of the project are employees of building companies, regardless of the type of agreement or seniority. No formalities are required to join the project, it is enough to enter an employee on the web portal www.feuer.pl/darmowe-szkolenia-zus.

In accordance with GUS (Central Statistical Office of Poland) statistics, the construction sector is most exposed to accidents at work. Only in 2014 over 130 people lost their lives on construction sites or sustained serious bodily injury. Therefore, a project of free OHS trainings for employees of the construction sector has been launched as a part of activities of the ZUS Prevention and Rehabilitation Department.

A reliable training carried out in a remarkable manner is a huge chance for widening employees’ knowledge and awareness of OSH. It is also the basis for future safety of every construction project carried out in Poland - stressed Jerzy Werle, the President of Board of of Warbud SA, who has taken over the presidency in the Association for Safety in the Construction Industry this year.

Free trainings will be carried out by FEUER sp. z o.o. and in 16 province capitals. There will be 200 places available for employess of the construction sector in every city. The only condition for participation is registration of employees by telephone 790 377 329 or 22 618 64 35, by e-mail:  or using the application form on the web portal www.feuer.pl/darmowe-szkolenia-zus. One can also find there a detailed schedule of the trainings.
It is worth mentioning that the training offered under the project is an obligatory OSH training, which should be completed by each construction worker every year or every three years, depending on working conditions. The training programme was prepared by the Association for Safety in the Construction Industry, which took the patronage over the whole project. The programme encompasses the most important issues in the field of safety during construction works, i.a. excavation works, work at heights, lifesaving and first aid, power engineering works. The trainings will be conducted by lecturers who are granted both substantive and workshop accreditation by the Association.

The Association for Safety in the Construction Industry promotes the safety culture and makes people aware of the risks related to construction works and consequently eliminates the risk of an accident. The Association brings together ten of the biggest building companies in Poland: Budimex S.A., Erbud S.A., HOCHTIEF Polska S.A., Mostostal Warszawa S.A., Moto-Engil S.A., Polimex Mostostal S.A., Porr Polska Infrastructure S.A., SKANSKA S.A., Unibep S.A. and Warbud S.A.
More information can be found on: www.porozumieniedlabezpieczenstwa.pl