A symbolic wreath was hung from the Mlekovita Milk Powder Factory in Wysokie Mazowieckie.

- This is a key investment for our company - said Dariusz Sapiński, President of the Board of the Mlekovita Group, the investor of the plant. - We are proud that we are building one of the most modern factories in Europe in this sector of industrial construction - said Leszek Marek Gołąbiecki, President of the Board at Unibep S.A., the general contractor of the investment.

The topping out ceremony took place on 15 September 2016 on the construction site of the factory. A special meeting, organised by the general contractor, was attended by, among others, representatives of national and local authorities, of the investor, the general contractor, and subcontractors, totalling approx. 100 people.

- The construction of the new Mlekovita Milk Powder Factory is the biggest completed investment so far in the history of Mlekovita. Its value is in total approx. 300 million PLN - said Dariusz Sapiński during the ceremony. – Upon the completion of the Mlekovita factory, it will be not only the largest producer of milk powders in Poland, but also in Central and Eastern Europe. Powdered dairy products that will be manufactured in the new factory are the main products that were missing from Mlekovita's commercial offer. These include powdered dairy products in the standard of baby foods, concentrated milk proteins, instant milk and many other interesting, innovative products.

The investment includes the construction of the entire plant, i.e. production and storage buildings, the installation of production and packaging lines, building technical facilities and infrastructure, the installation of water supplies, electricity and cooling systems, as well as other elements necessary for the operation of the production plant. The factory is being developed on a 4.5-acre plot located approx. 200 m from the existing plant in Wysokie Mazowieckie.

- Facing such a demanding investment is for us, the builders, a significant challenge - says Leszek Marek Gołąbiecki. - The usable area of the building is 28,000 square meters. Approximately 250 people are employed at the construction site, including close to 20 engineers. Unibep based the factory on approx. 2000 DSM columns. Since the factory will be producing foods, the facility has to meet very stringent hygiene and sanitary standards. This is a crucial requirement since the plant will manufacture baby foods. Besides construction works, Unibep was also responsible for sanitation, electricity and road works.

The Milk Powder Factory was designated by the Ministry of Economy as an investment of significant importance for the Polish economy in the years 2011-2020. The currently ongoing works are being carried out in accordance with the approved schedule. The completion date of the project is scheduled for June 2017.

The Investor

MLEKOVITA is one of the largest European producers and exporters of dairy products, a company with an established reputation in the world and the most valuable brand in the production sector of the Polish economy. The company owns 16 production plants, 30 distribution centres - including the industry's first wholesalers in the Cash&Carry format, and 40,000 sq. m. of warehouse space. It has permission to export to 144 countries on all continents (28 countries of the European Union and 116 outside the EU), processes 6 million litres of milk each day, owns 24 laboratories and a Research and Development Centre, has 4,000 employees, 150 production lines, and more than 700 products - the largest selection of dairy products in Poland and in Europe.

General Contractor

Unibep S.A. is the largest construction company in the Podlasie region, and is one of the industry leaders in Poland. It is also the largest Polish exporter of construction services - building in Russia, Belarus, Germany and Norway. The activity of Unibep is based on several sectors: residential and commercial construction domestically and abroad, the production of modular houses in its factory in Bielsk Podlaski (the houses are assembled in Norway), development activity in Warsaw and Poznań (through a subsidiary - Unidevelopment S.A.) and road activities in the Podlaskie province - through the road branch of Unibep, and throughout the country - through Budrex-Kobi, an engineering company purchased on July 2015.