On January 27th 2017 Unihouse branch Unibep S.A. has signed a contract for realization of a modular project in a Swedish town of Skene nearby Goteborg.

The project will be delivered for a local developer and a newly formed Bostadsrättsföreningen. Swedish Real Estate Agency Svensk Fastighetsförmedling is dealing with the sales of apartments. According to the undersigned contract Unihouse will be responsible for prefabrication and assembling of the 2-storey residential project built for a Swedish construction company Tuve Bygg AB from Goteborg in western Sweden. The project comprises of 12 apartments and will be the first with such a scope of responsibility contract with this Swedish partner, as well as the first contract including assembling of a modular part on the Swedish market. So far, according to the real estate agency 8 apartments have been reserved. The middle size contract of 10,7 mln SEK excl. VAT of the modular part of the construction is dedicated to build a long term business relation with this Swedish partner and continue this model of cooperation in various other construction projects with similar technology and scope of responsibility. Company has already signed a long term agreement of a substantial value with another serious actor on the Swedish construction market Swedish-Finnish concern Cramo Adapteo AB for delivering elements for Cramo Adapteo AB rental projects in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Design works have been scheduled for the I Qr. of 2017. Prefabrication of modules and construction works will start immediately after receiving a written confirmation of construction works start and according to the plan of progress it would be II Qr. 2017 with planned finishing in I Qr. of 2018.

Sweden is the next Scandinavian market , after Norway, to operate on for Unihouse. So far Unihouse has built around 1600 apartments in Norway.