Already in 2025, Sweden wants to achieve a 50% index of multi-family buildings constructed in timber technology.

In such a way, the country wants to meet the demand for housing construction and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions attributable to the construction sector, as well as to create workplaces outside the metropolis areas. According to professor Staffan Brege from the University of Linköping, there is a future for the Swedish timber construction.

The text about the timber construction in Sweden was written by Joanna Wyszyńska from the quarterly “Przemysł Drzewny”. One of the leading interviewed persons is Michał Urabnowski, Swedish Market Specialist of UNIBEP S.A. He presents challenges which the construction industry in Sweden has to confront with, and tells about the rich experience of Unihouse Branch of Unibep S.A  which we have gained on the Norwegian market, and which will undoubtedly be helpful on the next Scandinavian market.

The whole text of the Quarterly “Przemysł Drzewny” (in Polish) is attached in the enclosure.