Members of the Unihouse staff from the Kaldnes project came 30th in the local Marathon in Norway. 90 teams participated in the run.

The team consisted of: Krzysztof Szajna, Dawid Poniatowski, Piotr Ułaszonek, Przemysław Matejak, Kamil Hryniewicki, Maciej Biś, Piotr Gutowski and Łukasz Kowalczuk. "It took us one and a half months to get ready for the run, but many of us had already done some running." - explains Łukasz Kowalczuk.

"92 teams participated in the marathon, so our 30th position is quite a success, considering the time we took to prepare" - he adds.

Is this the end of their running experience? "Sport equals health, so we will not give up" - says Kowalczuk. "As far as the near future is concerned, Piotr Ułaszonek has already signed up for Półmaraton Gdański and Krzysztof Szajka for Półmaraton Krakowski".

Well done, we are keeping our fingers crossed for them.

In the picture: the Unihouse team.