On 16/05/2019. Unihouse Branch Unibep S.A. took part in the Business Arena Göteborg - the biggest conference and exhibition event dedicated to the development industry on the west coast of Sweden.

In this event Unibep S.A. was represented by a promotional stand and a delegation of four people.

Business Arena Göteborg has been visited by over 1000 guests from the development and construction industry. In this event participated both significant private and public developers, leading consulting and architectural companies. 

It was a great opportunity to present solutions for prefabricated modular buildings proposed by Unihouse Branch Unibep S.A. The participation in the Business Arena Göteborg is also an opportunity to support existing relations, expand business contacts and build a positive image of the company in the environment of developers in western Sweden.

The Participation in the Business Arena Göteborg conference coincided with winning a tender in Göteborg for the currently being implemented project Saffransgatan for Egnahemsbolaget. 

In the picture from the left: Michał Urbankowski, Tomasz Kiezel, Jacek Nowak, Tomasz Derlicki