Unibep SA has been qualified for the Polish Economic Exhibition 2019, where it will present the modular multi-family buildings of UNIHOUSE.

The Polish Economic Exhibition is a unique exhibition project that has been created at the initiative of the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda. The idea behind it is to present the development of the Polish economy over the last 100 years and to present Poland as an innovative country with a great technological potential. The aim of the exhibition is also to promote economic patriotism.

The modular buildings of Unihouse fit perfectly the character of the exhibition, which emphasizes faithfulness to tradition and respect for history. The company's product is based on many years of tradition of wooden construction of Podlasie. Having gained over a dozen years of experience, the company has become a significant manufacturer and supplier of modular buildings with wooden frame, which are characterized by nearly two times shorter implementation time compared to traditional construction. First of all, it is an ecological product with low energy demand and low carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere.

The Polish Economic Exhibition 2019 starts on the grounds of the National Stadium in Warsaw at the end of this year, where over 90 Polish companies will exhibit.