Modular construction is gaining popularity and it is also increasingly sought after and valued in Poland. The belief that modules are only used for construction containers, temporary office rooms or exhibition pavilions is a thing of the past. Modern prefabricated construction technology makes possible construction of both small kindergartens and nurseries, as well as high-rise residential buildings or hotels. And all this on a wooden frame.

In Poland, most buildings are built with use of hundreds tons of concrete and steel. However, the dynamically changing economic situation and increased awareness of human impact on the environment means that prefabricated construction is coming back in favour.

The application of modular technology reduces the time of construction site works because the modules delivered there are often fully finished and furnished. Approx. 90% of work can be carried out in the manufacturing plant, in a closed hall, where the structures are not exposed to adverse weather conditions. This allows to create a remarkably high quality product. The number of employees needed on the construction site is much smaller, which gives measurable economic benefits and is extremely important nowadays, when recruiting qualified workforce is a considerable problem.

By constructing from wood, we contribute to reducing the negative impact of human activities on the environment. Timber is the only natural material used in construction that is 100% renewable in nature. Moreover, living in an apartment made of timber ensures a healthier microclimate and higher energy efficiency for ourselves and our loved ones.

Unihouse built the first wooden construction project in Poland 9 years ago - it is the Iskra hotel in Mierzęcice, and almost a decade later it has resumed operations on the domestic market.

In the first quarter of 2020, Unihouse completed the implementation of 3 projects for public investors. The construction of the lodging house carried out for the City Hall of Katowice took 2 months. Care and education facilities implemented for Gdańsk Social Infrastructure took only 7 months of work on the construction site. Owing to the full administrative, workforce and technological support, Unihouse provides to both public and private customers a high quality product of attractive energy parameters.


noclegownia cut mini  The lodging house in Katowice - view of the back facade of fibre-cement cladding.


However, the Polish market often requires adaptation of the Investor's projects to modular technology, Unihouse has several years of experience gained on the Scandinavian markets in the "design and construct" formula and offers possibility of adaptation as well.

Lest us just remind that in Poland the Company has also implemented the "Mickiewicz Apartments" project in Bielsk Podlaski together with a developer from the Unibep Group, Unidevelopment, a complex of holiday apartments "Suntago village" in water park "Park of Poland "in the municipality of Wręcza, as well as a prototype research and development building located right next to the company's headquarters, which will allow us to develop our own passive construction technology in the future.


In the main photo: Care and education centre at Malczewskiego street in the city of Gdańsk