Stage 1

If you want to join us, view current job offers and apply. Describe in detail your education, experience and skills. In case you do not find a position that interests you and you like the idea of working in our company, then please send an application to our database. A well-written CV and cover letter will allow us to match your qualifications to potential jobs and we will contact you when we have a relevant vacancy.

Stage 2

Submitted applications are reviewed and matched to appropriate job vacancies. The HR Department contacts selected candidates to invite them to a meeting in our office.

Stage 3

Time for the interview. During these meetings you will have the opportunity to get some information about our company, the culture of our organisation and the position you are applying for, and we will get more information about you, your professional experience, skills, achievements, abilities, motivation and expectations.

Stage 4

Those who reach this final stage are interviewed by the CEO. His decision is final and if it is positive, we will discuss with you the terms and conditions of employment and offer you a contract of employment to sign.