The exterior of the building is made using wooden cladding with overlapping, unplaned spruce cladding arranged horizontally, as well as facade fibre cement boards, of 8 mm thickness, unpainted (natural colour).


Galleries, balconies and terraces

Balconies and terraces situated at ground level are made using decking planks, e.g. pressure-impregnated pine wood.

Galleries, balconies and terraces that are supported by columns are finished underneath with 10 mm thick fiber cement boards; the upper surface of the galleries and terraces are finished with pavement tiles, while balconies are finished with wooden decking boards using pressure-impregnated pine wood. Additionally, water insulation is used.

The supporting structure of the exterior balustrades is made of galvanised steel, the balustrade filling is made of galvanised metal rods, while the handrails are, again, made of galvanised steel.

Upon the customer's request, galleries, balconies and terraces can be equipped with a canopy roof.

galerie balkony i tarasy

Doors & windows

Rw 40 dB entrance doors have a non-rabbetted wooden construction, with double-sided white coating and silver coloured handles and fittings.

Interior doors are of a non-rabbetted wooden construction, white flush windowless, with three-way adjustable hinges. Interior and wardrobe doors are fitted with a key lock, while bathroom doors have a privacy lock. Silver coloured handles and fittings. Optionally, sliding doors can be mounted.

Based on the customer's order, doors to staircases, storerooms, garages and other utility rooms in the basement can be installed.

PVC windows and PVC balcony windows are made using 5-chamber profiles with a heat transfer coefficient of U = 1.2 W/m2K. Silver coloured handles with a lock.

Upon the customer's request, terrace sliding doors can be mounted.

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Kitchen & installations

The kitchen is fitted with MDF panel furniture, made in Poland. The countertop is made from MDF laminated panels, 38 mm thick. The cupboard and drawer hinges have a silent system for soft closure.

The kitchen appliances (energy class A+) include: a four-ring ceramic cooktop, electric stove, refrigerator-freezer and dishwasher. Silver coloured sink tap. Steel sink embedded in the countertop.

The apartments are fitted with ventilation, electrical, lighting, water, sewage, heating, teletechnical and fire protection systems.

If no water central heating is present, electrical floor heating (underfloor mats) is installed in bathrooms and vestibules. All other rooms are fitted with electrical heating based on wall-mounted or stand-alone electrical radiators.

kuchnia instalacje


Bathrooms are typically fitted with a wall-mounted mirror with integrated lighting, a bathroom cabinet with a ceramic washbasin and countertop, a corner shower cabin and a ceramic toilet bowl. Silver coloured taps.



We lay MDF panels on the floor. The panels are 7 mm thick, 3-strip, with an oak texture and a AC4 abrasion class. PVC skirting boards match the colour of the floor and are 59 mm in height. There is a possibility to choose different panels of similar parameters and properties.

In the sanitation spaces, grey matte glazed stoneware is used.

In the entrance (vestibule) graphite/black stoneware is used.



In rooms and kitchens plain paper, fliseline-lined wall-covering is used. This is painted light beige with water-based acrylic paint.

In kitchens, paint coating or ceramic tiles are used in the area between the countertop and the lower end of the cupboards.

In sanitary spaces, waterproofed walls are covered with ceramic tiles. 



We apply plain glassfibre wallpaper, doubly coated with white water-based acrylic paint.


Extra fittings

Based on the clients' specifications, we can install:

  • furniture
  • stand-alone or fitted wardrobes
  • white goods
  • various flooring types
  • floor heating
  • outdoor and indoor roller shutters

other fixtures or fittings, depending on individual needs.

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