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Implementation of a major contract called Sjusjøen is underway  in the municipality of Ringsaker, Norway. It includes 7 residential buildings with a total usable area of over 7040 m2.

It had been divided into 3 stages, of which the first and the second were completed and delivered in October last year. They included construction of 4 buildings consisting of 148 residential modules comprising 50 apartments.

The delivery of the third stage of the investment is scheduled for the turn of October and November this year. In total, there will be delivered 3 buildings with 36 turnkey premises.


Sjusjoen 2


We would like to invite you to watch the time lapse movie from the implementation of the Children's Home at Cienista Street in Gdańsk. Only half a year passed from the design to implementation of the project, and the assembly of modules on the construction site took only three nights. 

The house consists of single and double rooms dedicated for fourteen children. The whole building consists of 15 modules in a wooden frame with a usable area of 450 m2.


Link to the movie:

 Time lapse movie from construction in Gdańsk


Leszek Marek Gołąbiecki, president of the management board of the Unibep SA, was a guest in a TV programme called „Prosto z Parkietu” (stock exchange news) on stock-exchange dedicated TV channel "Parkiet TV" led by Adam Roguski. He answered questions related to a large framework contract on the Swedish market concerning construction of social rental houses from modules manufactured by Unihouse and talked about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the construction industry.

Unihouse has held a training course called "Environment-friendly construction - designing modular buildings with a wooden frame construction in Unihouse technology". It was addressed to external architects, designers, constructors, but also to enthusiasts of prefabricated construction in a wooden frame.

Modular construction is gaining popularity and it is also increasingly sought after and valued in Poland. The belief that modules are only used for construction containers, temporary office rooms or exhibition pavilions is a thing of the past. Modern prefabricated construction technology makes possible construction of both small kindergartens and nurseries, as well as high-rise residential buildings or hotels. And all this on a wooden frame.

From 1 April 2020, Unibep SA and all companies from the Unibep Group will have a new logo. This can be associated with the 70th anniversary of Unibep SA, the company that was founded on 1 April 1950. It is more modern and more user-friendly. One element remained virtually unchanged – the three arrows that have been characteristic of the Unibep Group for nearly 15 years.

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