Offices, dormitories, nursing houses

Using the modules produced in Bielsk Podlaski, we can construct not only residential buildings, but also office buildings, hotels, dormitories, kindergartens, schools, outpatient clinics, etc.

A great advantage of module buildings is their short completion time on the construction site, as well as the possibility of “assembling” modules, even during winter, with prior preparation of the foundations.

UNIHOUSE takes an individual approach towards every project. Our designers and engineers take every need of the future inhabitants of the buildings into consideration. Modular houses can be set up on embankments, rocky ground, marshy ground, sandy soil or even on the roof of a pre-existing building. Modular buildings can be transferred from one place to another or even disassembled and re-assembled, if necessary. They can also be easily expanded by buying additional modules and shaped into practically any architectural form.