Roman Jakubowski

Roman JakubowskiUnihouse Branch Director

He was born in 1975. MEng degree in civil engineering. He graduated from the Białystok University of Technology majoring in technology and construction organisation. He also completed postgraduate studies in property valuation. He started his professional career immediately after graduation in the Podlaski Regional Road Administration in Białystok, the Sokółka Region, as a specialist in the technical department. At Unibep SA since 2 February 2001. He worked through almost all career levels. He was construction engineer, construction manager and contract manager. He led the construction of the prestigious Alfa Gallery in Białystok. He was also the north-eastern market director. He has been the director of the Unihouse Branch for 6 years.

Marcin Golebiewski

Marcin GołębiewskiExecutive Director of Operations

He was born in 1981. MEng degree in civil engineering. Since graduation, namely since 2006, connected with Unihouse, Branch of Unibep. He was a foreman, construction manager, assembly works manager and contract manager on construction sites in Poland and Norway. Since 2011, he has performed the function of the Norwegian market director at Unihouse. He exercises the executive and financial supervision over the projects conducted in Scandinavia.

Andrzej Bogus

Andrzej BogusProduction Director

He was born in 1973. university degree, MEng in civil engineering. He began his professional career in BPBP Przemysłówka Białystok as a foreman and construction engineer. In Unibep SA since 2002. He was promoted from deputy construction manager, to construction manager, contract manager and, finally, to market director. In 2013, he was appointed Deputy Director of the Unihouse Branch, performs the function of Production Director.

Marcin Wojtach

Marcin WojtachNorwegian Market Director

He was born in 1978. Master’s Degree in Building and Engineering Construction. Since graduation associated with construction. In the years 2007 - 2013 he worked as an construction engineer in the country and abroad. In Unihouse since 2013. Senior project manager with various constructions in Trondheim, Norway. Since 2016 Director of the Norwegian market. He is deputy director of the Department Unihouse .

Tomasz Kiezel

Tomasz KieżelSwedish Market Director

Born in 1981. He graduated from Bialystok University of Technology as a Master of Civil Engineering. Since graduation in 2005, he has been involved in the design of wooden constructions in Poland and the United Kingdom. At Unihouse from 2014. As contract manager, he successfully implemented contracts on the Norwegian market. Since March 2017 the director of the Swedish market.