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Modular construction


Traditional construction is no longer the only option today. Investors who want to shorten the construction time choose modular construction. But a short construction period is not the only benefit. Are you considering using modular technology for your project? Find out what the modular system is and what advantages it offers.

Modular construction - what characterises it?

Although modular construction in Poland is not new, the scale of construction using this technology is still small. Hence, the question of what is modular construction often arises. As the name suggests, modular construction is based on the use of modules. Unihouse modules can vary in size and equipment. The fact that they can be manufactured all year round eliminates the seasonal downtime that occurs with traditional construction. Production under controlled conditions and using partial automation also minimises errors.

Building modules are lightweight structures, so they can be transported from the factory to the construction site without much difficulty. But that's not all - they are also:

  • adapted to modern requirements and standards - Unihouseweb's modular construction uses environmentally friendly materials and features good sound insulation;
  • fire-resistant - the basic building material for the building modules is wood, which is properly protected at the production stage;
  • energy-efficient - thanks to the use of heat-insulating materials, the energy requirement is minimal, which means that modular housing is cheap to operate;
  • repetitive - this is important when modular hotels or multi-family buildings, for example, are built from them;
  • universal - the manufacturer of modular buildings Unihouse offers buildings fully adapted to the needs of investors in terms of, for example, the number of storeys, the area of rooms or the architectural form.


ul. Rejonowa 5,
17-100 Bielsk Podlaski

(+48) 85 730 34 77

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The administrator of your personal data is the company UNIHOUSE S.A., ul. Rejonowa 5, 17-100 Bielsk Podlaski.

  • > 20 LAT

    industry experience

  • 4876

    flats built

  • > 3000

    satisfied clients

  • 24H/7

    advice and support to the sales department

  • Short construction lead times
    As a result of transferring part of the technological processes from the construction site to the production hall, e.g. turnkey construction of a hotel in 3-4 months (depending on the design assumptions)

  • Complexity from design to turnkey
    Possibility to design your own idea, build and erect the modules on site, hand over the flats ready to move in

  • Attractive price
    in line with quality

  • Modern technology
    using the advantages of environmentally friendly materials such as wood, gypsum, mineral wool

  •  Attractive designs
    Can be customised or built to customer's design

  • Can be extended and implemented
    at any location, simple assembly, disassembly and relocation

  • Certified quality and complete fire protection building elements to fire resistance level REI 60

  • Favourable and user-friendly microclimate
    interiors of houses and buildings thanks to the use of natural materials

  • Saving on running costs
    thanks to excellent thermal insulation of walls and roofs (U< 0.18 W/m2K), low energy consumption for heating the house/building 40-70 kWh/m2/year - low operating costs

  • Sound insulation
    of intermediate walls 63 dB

  • Security of cooperation
    Partner with a stable market position

  • Production under controlled factory conditions
    independent of weather conditions and assembly under any weather conditions

Short investment times - modular buildings

It is no coincidence that modular construction is often referred to as 'rapid construction'. The building ordered by the investor can be constructed in just a few months, which is much quicker than buildings erected using traditional methods. The final completion time depends on the size of the building. Unihouse's crèches and modular schools are good examples - the lead time for such developments is around 6 months. At the same time, the modules can even be combined during the winter, if the ground has been prepared in advance. The foundations - like basements or underground garages - must be constructed using traditional technology.

The term rapid modular construction does not only refer to new construction - it is just as fast:

  • extend the facility with additional modules - this is especially important for public facilities;
  • dismantle selected modules - if the usable area of the facility is too large;
  • relocate part or all of the facility - if necessary.

Typical module

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Modern modular housing on offer from Unihouse!

Modular technology is increasingly being chosen by developers - this is evidenced by new housing developments not only in Poland, but also in other European countries. However, modern modular construction with a timber frame is not only about modular multifamily buildings - the advantages of this innovative technology are also recognised by universities, municipalities, companies in the tourism industry and services such as the police or the army, among others.

Modular buildings, thanks to their unique characteristics, are perfect for schools, outposts, dormitories or care centres - investors appreciate not only the low cost of ownership, but also the high quality of finish, durability and safety. Would you like to find out more about the benefits that building modules offer? Are you interested in their price? Contact us and we will introduce you to the possibilities of ecological and modern modular construction.

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Unibep SA

Unibep SA, based in Bielsk Podlaski is now one of the largest construction companies in Poland, present on the market for 70 years. Noted on Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2008, the Company has a majority Polish capital holding.

The company has created a strong capital group for 70 years of its activity.

The Capital Group is consistently diversifying its portfolio of activities with sustained growth. Unibep SA and all associated entities are a solid and reliable business partner. The Bielsk Podlaski-based company has completed many ambitious construction projects, both in Poland and abroad.

Unihouse SA
  • ul. 3 Maja 19
    17-100 Bielsk Podlaski

  • (48 22) 300 27 97

  • (48 85) 731 80 11


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The business of the Capital Group of Unibep SA is built on five complementary segments:

  • general contracting of Unibep SA in Poland, part of which being residential construction. The Company enjoys a strong position in the area of Warsaw. The Company conducts projects associated with commercial building construction (hotels, offices, retail and service facilities) as well as industrial construction. General contracting is conducted by the parent company Unibep SA.

  • general contracting abroad (Russia, Belarus, Germany), mainly in commercial building construction. Export of construction services is being conducted by the parent company Unibep SA as well as companies and representatives present in the countries where the activity is carried out.

  • property development, conducted via Unidevelopment SA. Currently investments in Warsaw and Poznań are being realised.

  • the production of wooden panels and modules for construction and assembly of multi-family buildings and public utility facilities on the Scandinavian market (mainly Norway). Investments conducted by the Unihouse Branch in Bielsk Podlaski.

  • Road and bridge construction in north–eastern Poland, realised by the Road Department of Unibep SA. Since July 2015, Unibep SA has been a sole shareholder in the Białystok-based company Budrex–Kobi, a highly specialised enterprise that constructs bridges and culverts in an area, spanning nearly the whole of Poland.

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KRS 0000793054 
NIP 5432187657 
REGON 383776590

District Court in Białystok XII Commercial Division

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  • Marcin Gołębiewski

    Marcin Gołębiewski

    President of the Management Board of Unihouse SA

    Born in 1981. MEng in civil engineering. He has been a part of the Unihouse, a branch of Unibep, since his graduation in 2006. He was a foreman, construction manager, assembly works manager and contract manager on construction sites in Poland and Norway. In November 2019, he took the position of a Member of the Management Board of Unihouse SA. Since 2 January 2021, he has been acting as the President of the Management Board of Unihouse SA.

  • Kamil Kowalczyk

    Kamil Kowalczyk

    Member of the Management Board of Unihouse SA

    Born in 1986. He is a graduate of the Military University of Technology and the Warsaw University of Technology.  He also completed post-graduate studies gaining a management degree in Management and Leadership at SWPS University. He has been involved in the modular construction segment for over 10 years, including with Unihouse since 2022. During this time, he has participated in dozens of projects, managing sales, design and construction teams.

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Modular building manufacturer

The costs and increasingly stringent standards imposed on residential and public utility buildings compel the search for new, more ecological, and energy-efficient technologies. Unihouse offers a response to these challenges through modular buildings constructed using wood. As a manufacturer, we handle their design, construction, and furnishing, all utilizing automated and precise production processes.


Advantages of the technology

  • Comprehensiveness from the turnkey project, the possibility to design your own idea, construction and erection of modules on site, delivery of apartments ready to move in.

  • Short construction period as a result of transferring some technological processes from the construction site to the production hall, e.g. turnkey construction of a hotel in 3-4 months (depending on the design assumptions).

  • Can be expanded and implemented in any location, simple assembly, disassembly and relocation.

  • Production under controlled factory conditions regardless of weather conditions and assembly under any weather conditions.

  • Modern technology, using the advantages of ecologically clean materials such as wood, gypsum, mineral wool.

  • Certified quality and full fire protection of building elements up to fire resistance level REI 60.

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Using the modules produced in Bielsk Podlaski, we can construct not only residential buildings, but also office buildings, hotels, dormitories, kindergartens, schools, outpatient clinics, etc.

A great advantage of module buildings is their short completion time on the construction site, as well as the possibility of “assembling” modules, even during winter, with prior preparation of the foundations.

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What types of modular buildings will you find in Unihouse's offer?

What types of modular buildings will you find in Unihouse's offer?

As a manufacturer of modular buildings, we are capable of realizing various ideas from investors, including those that are less conventional. So far, we have participated in a wide spectrum of investments with different purposes. Some of them include:

  • Modular housing estates. – Modular units produced in Unihouse factories create warm, comfortable, and privacy-assured living spaces; 
  • Modular public utility buildings such as preschools, schools, or care facilities are delivered for use faster than structures constructed using traditional methods, and additionally, there is the possibility of their expansion.
  • Modular hotels - a significant advantage of our technology is the ability to use standardized modules to create hotel rooms.
  • Care homes - the aging of society is associated with an increasing demand for specialized facilities tailored to the needs of seniors.

Unihouse Our offer extends beyond the mentioned facilities. As a manufacturer of modular buildings, we undertake projects for the military, such as rapidly creating modular military barracks. Additionally, we provide solutions for contemporary refugee crises by offering cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing modular apartments in multi-family buildings.

All structures we build, regardless of their purpose, share certain common characteristics. Firstly, they are buildings that meet modern requirements, both in terms of energy efficiency and aesthetics. Secondly, modular construction does not compromise on functionality compared to traditional construction. Additionally, its choice is justified by an equally long service life.



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What makes Unihouse special

Unihouse Unihouse is backed by numbers - we've constructed nearly 5000 apartments using modular technology. Successfully, we've taken on projects such as preschools, dormitories, schools, and police stations. Our experience spans Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland. Our projects in Scandinavian countries testify that modular buildings perform well even where average temperatures are lower than in Poland. As their manufacturer, we know this well – modular construction simply pays off!

Unihouse not only specializes in erecting buildings from modules - what sets us apart is our comprehensive approach to the construction process. We have our own design office responsible for translating the investor's vision into tangible shapes. As manufacturers, we have an automated production park where individual modules are fabricated and equipped. Finally, we handle their assembly and the development of the surrounding area - the last step is handing the keys to the investor. And all of this can be achieved in less than a year.

Looking for a modular building manufacturer? There are more reasons to collaborate with Unihouse:

  • We have a large production capacity - our 600-person team is capable of meeting even the most demanding projects;
  • We offer competitive construction methods - modular construction is cheaper to operate and can be a strong asset in gaining competitive advantage;
  • We create innovative solutions - harnessing the potential of scientists, we collaborate with the Białystok University of Technology;
  • Our solutions support the implementation of ESG strategies - we use natural building material, such as wood, in module construction.


Map of projects

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Trusted Modular Building Manufacturer - Trust Unihouse!

Interested in our offer? You don't have to take our word for it - we have a rich portfolio showcasing numerous completed projects. You can also visit one of our ongoing developments and witness the speed at which we can build. If you want to learn more about our past projects or commission us to build a modular housing estate, feel free to get in touch - let's get to know each other and establish a partnership.

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1. Integrated Management System

Marcin Golebiewski

Marcin Gołębiewski
President of the Management Board of Unihouse SA

Born in 1981. MEng in civil engineering. He has been a part of the Unihouse, a branch of Unibep, since his graduation in 2006. He was a foreman, construction manager, assembly works manager and contract manager on construction sites in Poland and Norway. Responsible for the executive and financial oversight over projects in Scandinavia. In November 2019, he took the position of a Member of the Management Board of Unihouse SA. Since 2 January 2021, he has been acting as the President of the Management Board of Unihouse S.A.

Roman Jakubowski 

Sławomir Kiszycki
Vice President of the Management Board of Unihouse SA

Born in 1973. He is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). He also completed post-graduate MBA studies at the European Academy of Managerial Skills of the Warsaw School of Economics, participated on a non-credit basis in a PhD programme at the College of Management and Finance of the Warsaw School of Economics. He has been licensed by the Polish Ministry of Treasury to act as member of supervisory boards in state-owned companies. In 1998–2006, he worked in the banking industry. Since May 2009, in the financial division of Unibep SA. On 1 September 2011, he was appointed to a managerial position as the Deputy CFO, and took the position of CFO on 1 July 2012. In June 2014, he appointed Vice President of the Management Board of Unibep SA. As a Member of the Supervisory Board of Monday Development SA, he acts as commercial proxy of Budrex Sp. z o.o. and Unibep PPP Sp. z o.o., and Deputy Member of the Management Board of Seljedalen AS. In November 2019, he was appointed President of the Management Board of Unihouse SA. Since January 2, 2021, he has been serving as Vice President of the Management Board of Unihouse SA.

Jacek Grzybowski

Jacek Grzybowski
Member of the Management Board of Unihouse SA

With Unibep SA since 2010. He has an extensive career path in our company, having held the roles of contract manager and market officer and, for the last five years, the Chief Commercial Officer for Industrial Construction at Unibep SA.

Modular construction has been well known and used in Europe for many years. It is a great solution even on the challenging Scandinavian markets. However, it is yet to reach the peak of its popularity in Poland. UNIHOUSE is a pioneer in the construction of modern, modular timber frame buildings on the Polish market. Constructions made by our company have a wide range of applications and are perfect for various investments:

  • Hotels and motels
  • Multi-family housing
  • Office buildings
  • Dormitories, kindergartens and nurseries
  • Outpatient clinics and nursing homes
  • Shopping complexes

UNIHOUSE SA, is one of the largest companies in the modular construction sector on the European market thanks to our production potential of 2000 modules per year. Currently, the key market for the company is Norway. However, buildings manufactured in our Polish factory can also be found in Denmark and Sweden.

The UNIHOUSE factory is located in Bielsk Podlaski. The innovative technologies used in our factories make it possible to produce buildings consisting of up to 6 floors. Our fully computerised production lines allow us to precisely recreate any project received by our assembling machinery through fiber-optic lines. The entire building module assembly process takes place in the production hall from where completed modules or panels are transported to the construction site. As a result, a multi-family building can be erected in less than 24 hours. The factory also includes a carpentry department which fulfills orders for the factory itself as well as external customers.

UNIHOUSE is a member of the UNIBEP Group, which operates in various fields of the construction industry. It is a general contractor in Poland and abroad, providing a wide variety of road and bridge construction services. Through UNIDEVELOPMENT, it is also one of the main developers on the markets of Warsaw and Poznań.

Unibep SA from Bielsk Podlaski is one of the most important construction companies in Poland, with a 70-year long history.

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