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Turnkey Construction

Building a multi-family residential complex is not the end – there's also the matter of furnishing individual apartments. At Unihouse, we save investors' time - we build turnkey. In practice, this means that the building we hand over for use is ready to be inhabited immediately, without the need for arranging individual units. See how turnkey construction works at Unihouse and why choosing this option is worthwhile.

What does turnkey construction of multi-family modular buildings entail?

"Turnkey construction" is a commonly used term in the construction industry. Modular multi-family buildings are also offered as turnkey options, meaning they come fully equipped. The advantage of modular construction lies in the fact that the interiors of the modules are finished in the factory during production, rather than on the construction site. Therefore, it is not necessary to complete previous stages of construction as in the case of traditional technology - this helps to shorten the time required for project completion. What does a typical interior of an apartment in a modular multi-family building look like? In the case of turnkey finishing, the modules produced by us can be equipped with a range of elements even on the production line. These include:

  • installations - individual modules have necessary installations, such as water, heating, ventilation, and electrical;
  • flooring - we lay panels with optimal abrasion class, and use glazed tiles in bathrooms;
  • bathroom furniture - turnkey construction means equipping the bathroom with furniture such as a bathroom cabinet and a mirror with integrated lighting;
  • kitchen furniture - in the kitchen, we install aesthetic and functional cabinetry;
  • bathroom and kitchen fittings - in the kitchen, a sink with a faucet is installed, and in the bathroom, a shower cabin and sanitary ceramics;
  • household appliances -

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  • Short construction lead times
    As a result of transferring part of the technological processes from the construction site to the production hall, e.g. turnkey construction of a hotel in 3-4 months (depending on the design assumptions)

  • Complexity from design to turnkey
    Possibility to design your own idea, build and erect the modules on site, hand over the flats ready to move in

  • Attractive price
    in line with quality

  • Modern technology
    using the advantages of environmentally friendly materials such as wood, gypsum, mineral wool

  •  Attractive designs
    Can be customised or built to customer's design

  • Can be extended and implemented
    at any location, simple assembly, disassembly and relocation

  • Certyfikowana jakość i pełne zabezpieczenie przeciwpożarowe
    elementów budynku do poziomu odporności ogniowej REI 60

  • Favourable and user-friendly microclimate
    interiors of houses and buildings thanks to the use of natural materials

  • Saving on running costs
    thanks to excellent thermal insulation of walls and roofs (U< 0.18 W/m2K), low energy consumption for heating the house/building 40-70 kWh/m2/year - low operating costs

  • Sound insulation
    of intermediate walls 63 dB

  • Security of cooperation
    Partner with a stable market position

  • Production under controlled factory conditions
    independent of weather conditions and assembly under any weather conditions

Comprehensive range of services - turnkey construction of modular multi-family buildings

The construction process of a modular building can be divided into several significant stages - including design and production of modules, transportation of modules to the construction site (where they are assembled), and landscaping around the building. Turnkey construction of a modular multi-family building - unlike traditional construction - begins not at the construction site, but in a modern and automated factory.

Finished modules, which later form the complete building, are manufactured in controlled conditions, and turnkey construction is based on a project previously approved by the investor. At Unihouse, we understand that investors may have different expectations, and therefore turnkey construction may include the installation of additional equipment into individual units. The project may include:

  • installation of underfloor heating and air conditioning - to create optimal conditions for future residents;
  • furniture - modules can be equipped with basic furniture, including wardrobes (freestanding or built-in);
  • blinds - the Unihouse team is able to install both external and internal blinds.

Our capabilities are not limited to the above-mentioned tasks - we can also install other equipment elements according to the order placed by the investor. Turnkey construction therefore involves partial or complete furnishing of multi-family buildings.

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Turnkey construction of a modular multi-family building - choose Unihouse!

Construction of a multi-family building using traditional methods is time-consuming and costly. Modular construction allows for time savings and thus quicker returns on investment. The turnkey option is a way to shorten the project completion time without compromising on the finishing standards. Do you want to offer future residents modernly furnished and comfortable apartments finished turnkey? Contact us - we'll discuss the details.

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