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Modular military barracks


The consequence of contemporary challenges in the sphere of national security is the need for extensive and rapid expansion of military infrastructure. This is a big challenge - not only costs are important, but also the investment implementation time and maintaining the highest standards. The solution to these problems may be modular buildings for the army. What is the advantage of modular technology in the context of the needs related to the modernization and expansion of the armed forces?

Modular military buildings – what makes them stand out?

Military buildings must meet the norms and standards specified in the regulations. Unihouse modular military buildings fully meet modern requirements. Even though their construction uses, among others, wood, at the stage of production of individual modules, their frame is appropriately protected against various factors, including fire. As a result, the buildings are durable and have the necessary fire protection. Even though security issues are crucial from the military's perspective, there are more arguments for choosing Unihouse modular military facilities.

Modular barracks offered by Unihouse are fully finished. In practice, this means that the modules that are brought to the construction site have all the necessary installations and are equipped in accordance with the design approved by the investor. Modular military buildings can therefore be used immed

Modular military barracks

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  • Wood is a natural, environmentally friendly material that favourably contributes to the thermal and acoustic performance of building envelopes (walls, ceilings, roof) and to the functional comfort of buildings, such as the microclimate and functional safety. The cumulative energy intensity of wood compares very favourably with concrete and steel.

    A major advantage of timber structures is their lightness, which contributes to a reduction in the dimensions of the structure, e.g. foundations, and their prefabrication, i.e. the factory manufacture of the components and transport to the construction site, and there rapid assembly. In addition, wooden buildings are easy to convert and modernise and are amenable to demolition and disposal.

    Prof. Dr. Eng. Czesław Miedziałowski

    Bialystok University of Technology

  • During the design process, based on Sintef and ETA technical approvals, we implement solutions tailored to the needs of the project and the client. In order for production and construction to proceed quickly and to the highest standard, every detail must be developed carefully and well in advance.

    Tomasz Perkowski

    Head of UNIHOUSE Design Department

  • Modular construction is synonymous with modern technology and precision workmanship. It allows the realisation of the most sophisticated ideas, while maintaining the intended function enclosed in individual blocks. The designer can be sure that what he or she has conceived and created will be realised 100 per cent on the building site. This construction fulfils architects' dreams of the ideal module in architecture, as envisaged by Vitruvius or Le Corbusier.

    architect Zenon W. Zabagło

    design office Atelier ZETTA

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Fast turnaround time for modular military building project

Whether for training, exercises or the need to support local services in a crisis situation - modular buildings for the military can be constructed in just a few months and then transported repeatedly to different locations. The fast turnaround time is another reason why modular skeleton technology meets the specific needs of the military. At the same time, the modular military buildings created from Unihouse modules serve various functions, such as training rooms or accommodation (modular barracks).

Modular military buildings can be produced on a large scale - Unihouse's production potential is 2,000 modules per year. It is possible both to standardise modules and to manufacture them according to an individual design. In each case, the finished modular facility fully meets the needs of the investor. The lifetime of the buildings can exceed 50 years - in this respect, modular technology is not inferior to traditional construction.

Typical module

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Complex modular buildings for the military on offer from Unihouse!

Modular military facilities - like modular police stations - often need to be zoned, including inaccessible to civilians. But it is not just this feature that sets them apart from other buildings. Barracks can contain buildings of a different nature - intended for the accommodation of soldiers, but also administrative, utility or educational purposes. Any modular military facility can be designed with its end use in mind.

Do you think that fast-to-build and cost-effective modular barracks are the answer to today's military needs? Let's talk - contact us for details of our range.

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